Per parson ¥5.000 your dressing in just 15 munits

A kimono rental of japan

Mt.Fuji sightseeing with a rental kimono.

A kimono is freely rented given the opportunity of sightseeing with a friend.
A kimono can be enjoyed freely.

You can use in one person ¥ 5.000 and discount room rates.

Mt. Fuji in world-class cultural property

Japanese emotion is enjoyed fully, looking at Mt. Fuji. 

Service as much as putting and full set of dressing

A kimono is freely rented to worship of shrines and temples. 

Service as much as putting and full set of dressing

The Japanese-style dish eaten while he wears a kimono is exceptional.

The store where I'd like to go by the form of putting is one serving.

The famous place of a cherry tree suitable for a kimono or autumnal leaves is full.

Four seasons in Fuji where you come and enjoy yourself by a thing

We are the experts of a kimono.

The abundant staff of technical knowledge takes care of. 

Our shop is a long-established store which will be kimono rental shop commencement-of-business 30 years.The staff with the abundant knowledge and experience about a kimono takes care of.

I am preparing abundant goods. 

Products offered unique to the specialty store of clothes on hire.

a kimono -- also wearing -- I am preparing abundantly.You can choose out of much inside.Even a kimono, a belt, and Japanese sandals are full coordinations.

On foot-from Mt. Fuji Station 5 minutes 


It is a place for 5 minutes by a north entrance Motomiya [ Fuji ] Asama shrine to a car.


Since it is a place which has much spot which can taste Japanese emotion in the suburbs, enjoying sightseeing, time precious to dressing or preparation is not obtained.


Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi  1-7-12.

shinnishiharabill the 2nd floor

TEL 0555-23-4156 FAX 0555-23-4700

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